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Who can request samples?

A sample lending system is availbale for registred persons. The registration form can be complete here.

Requests for ISAR samples are welcomed from any research scientists or instrument builders involved in space missions or other activities related to the exploration of solar system bodies. Student requests should have a supervising scientist co-listed to confirm access to facilities for analysis.

The samples can be borrowed for a limited time (some weeks to months), and it is recognised that certain analyses, e.g. GC-MS, are destructive. It is important to return samples within the time allotted and the borrower will be required to return a signed form accepting this responsibility. Moreover, ISAR requires that the data obtained from sample analysis is integrated into the database within 6 months after the return of samples, together with a copy of any publication in which the results obtained on the samples are used. Publications using data from the ISAR must acknowledge the ISAR contribution.

How do I make a request?

An electronic request form must be filled out for any ISAR sample. All necessary information should be provided in the electronic form.

Important information that you need to know when making a sample request:

  • Each request should accurately refer to ISAR samples by their identification numbers and should provide detailed scientific justification for the proposed research. Specific requirements for samples, such as size or weight, particular parts of individual specimens (if applicable), or special handling or shipping procedures, should be explained in each request.
  • Some ISAR samples are small, or are considered special because of unusual properties. Therefore, it is very important that all requests specify both the optimum amount of material needed for the study and the minimum amount of material that can be used.
  • Requests for thin sections that will be used in destructive procedures such as ion probe, laser ablation, etching or even repolishing must be stated explicitly in the request form.
  • Consortium requests should list the members of the consortium.
  • The form has signature blocks, but these need only be used if the form is sent via fax or postal service to us.

How do you submit sample requests?

Click here to download the ELECTRONIC FORM to request samples. This file can be downloaded, read, and updated by Microsoft Word®. Send the completed form via email to: isar@cnrs-orleans with subject line "ISAR sample request."

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