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Frances Westall,
Frédéric Foucher,
Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire,
UPR CNRS 4301,
rue Charles Sadron,
45071 Orléans Cedex 2


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The ISAR is run by scientific team covering complementary domains of expertise.

Frances Westall

Frances Westall is research director in the CBM in Orléans, France. She is the ISAR team leader. She is an early Earth geologist specializing in early life and is involved in many exobiological activities. In particular, she is heavily involved in Mars missions dedicated to the search for traces of life (MSL, the future Mars 2018 and Mars Sample Return 2025 missions).

Nicolas Bost

Nicolas Bost is completing a phD in geology under the co-direction of Frances Westall and Claire Ramboz, respectively from the CBM and the ISTO, in Orléans, France. He is in charge of the selection and characterization of the Mars analogue samples for the ISAR. Nicolas Bost is the ISAR specialist of martian geology.

Frédéric Foucher

Frédéric Foucher is a research engineer in the CBM in Orléans, France. He is physicist in charge of the Raman spectrometer and AFM of the CBM. His fields of investigation are mainly the mineral context of and search for early life on Earth and on Mars. He developed this version of the ISAR website and database and is its webmaster.

Derek Pullan

Derek Pullan is a geologist working in the Open University of Leicester, United Kingdom. He originated the idea of the space analogue rocks collection. During his thesis, he developed a database named GSPARC from which the ISAR is largely inspired. He is also involved in the development of the ExoMars panoramic camera and the Life Marker Chip.

Associated members (Non exhaustive list):

John Bridges, Claire Ramboz, Fernando Rull-Perez, Goester Klingelhöeffer, Iris Fleisher, Alain Meunier, Sabine Petit, Sylvain Janiec, Jean-Gabriel Badin, Tanja Zeggers, Jorge Vago, Michel Viso and Axelle Hubert.

Sylvain Janiec and Jean-Gabriel Badin are in charge of the thin sections preparation in the ISTO, in Orléans, France. They make most of the ISAR thin sections.

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