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Frances Westall,
Frédéric Foucher,
Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire,
UPR CNRS 4301,
rue Charles Sadron,
45071 Orléans Cedex 2


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Publication in Meteoritics and Planetary Science 2012-06-20

Synthesis of a spinifex-textured basalt as an analog to Gusev crater basalts, Mars
N. Bost, F. Westall, F. Gaillard, C.Ramboz, and F. Foucher
Analyses by the Mars Exploration Rover (MER), Spirit, of Martian basalts from Gusev crater show that they are chemically very different from terrestrial basalts, being characterized in particular by high Mg- and Fe-contents. To provide suitable analog basalts for the International Space Analogue Rockstore (ISAR), a collection of analog rocks and minerals for preparing in situ space missions, especially, the upcoming Mars mission MSL-2011 and the future international Mars-2018 mission, it is necessary to synthesize Martian basalts. The aim of this study was therefore to synthesize Martian basalt analogs to the Gusev crater basalts, based on the geochemical data from the MER rover Spirit. We present the results of two experiments, one producing a quench-cooled basalt ( Meteoritics and Planetary Science, Volume 47, Issue 5, pages 820–831, May 2012 (abstract).

Third Early Mars conference in Lake Tahoe, USA 2012-05-29

Early Mars 2012

A poster about the ISAR has been presented during the Third Early Mars conference in Lake Tahoe, USA.
The influence of subsurface processes on Martian basalts: an example of hydrothermal and acidic basalt alteration at the Skouriotissa mine, Cyprus.
N. Bost, F. Westall, C. Ramboz, A. Meunier, E. Georgiou-Morisseau, and F. Foucher
(abstract 7018).

EGU 2012 in Vienna 2012-05-01

EGU 2012

Two oral presentations about the ISAR have been presented during the 2012-EGU general assembly in Vienna, Austria:
#1 The International Space Analogue Rock Store (ISAR): A key tool for future planetary exploration.
N. Bost, F. Westall, C. Ramboz, and F. Foucher
(abstract 1403).

#2 Hydrothermal, deuteric and acidic basalt alteration at the Skouriotissa Mine, Cyprus: relevance for Mars.
N. Bost, F. Westall, C. Ramboz, C. Fontaine, A. Meunier, and F. Foucher
(abstract 1407).

Launch of MSL2012-01-05

Photo of MSL launch

The 26 November 2011, NASA launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, a new mission to Mars. Named MSL, with its rover Curiosity, it succeeds to the successful MERs Sprit and Opportunity launched 8 years before. Curiosity will study the surface of the red planet in Gale Crater. For more information see the section space missions.

Frances Westall, in charge of the ISAR was invited by the NASA to assit at this great moment.

Thanks to Shawn Domagal-Goldman for the photo.

ISAR presented at the SFE general assembly2011-11-20

SFE logo

A poster about the ISAR has been presented during the general assembly of the SFE, the 7 november 2011.


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